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R&A Sewer Cleaning Hose

Sewer Cleaning Hose
High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Hoses from R & A Industries

R & A Industries selects manufacturers to represent that we know we can consistently rely upon to deliver a quality product. For Sewer Cleaning Hoses; that supplier is Piranha Hose Products, Inc. With multiple hoses available for varying PSI’s, temperature ratings, and operating conditions – we are confident that we can help customers from across the country find the appropriate hose for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Sweer Cleaning Hoses
Sewer Cleaning Hose Services

Sewer Cleaning Products Available from Piranha Include:

  • Hoses for PSI Ranges: 2500 PSI – 4000 PSI
  • Standard & High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Hoses
  • Armor Belt Sewer Cleaning Hoses
  • Jetting Hoses
  • Fittings for Sewer Cleaning Hose

Why We Choose Piranha®

Piranha represents the most reputable manufacturer of sewer hose in the industry, with multiple products designed for use in demanding applications. Piranha has been instrumental in the development of reinforced high pressure hoses designed specifically for sewer hose applications.

Today, Piranha continues to meet our customer’s requirements for high pressure hose products for sewer, paint spray and hydraulic hose markets.

Sweer Cleaning Hoses
Kanaflex 180 heavy duty abrasion resistant suction and discharge hose

Kanaboom heavy abrasive resistance hose

Kanaflex Corporation manufactures a wide variety of PVC, rubber, urethane, polypropylene, ducting hoses, and metal reinforced HDPE pipe of the highest quality. Kanaflex hose and pipe products represent a superior investment in the research and development of proprietary blends and highly engineered products. Kanaflex utilizes advanced technology and equipment developed throughout our global network of manufacturing facilities. Our success across the globe will be easily understood as we promote our growing line of hose and pipe products.

Need a Hose for Cleaning Sewer?