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Quick Disconnect Couplings

Providing Every Industry, Everywhere with Quick Disconnect Couplings

When customers in industries like agriculture or refrigeration require quick disconnect couplings that are well made, reliable, and fairly priced – they turn to R & A Industries for the knowledge, inventory, and support that can make a difference.

In order to offer this level of service, we make it our mission to provide only the best and most reliable brands of quick disconnect couplings, including Dixon and Faste

Quick Connect Couplings
Quick Connect Couplings

An Innovative Manufacturer for Challenging Applications
has been doing business since 1936 and has grown to be a world-wide leader in manufacturing quick disconnects couplings. They constantly strive to develop new coupling products to meet the challenges of a rapid changing industry, such as with the:

  • Snap-Tite 71-Series Interchange Couplings
  • CH-Series CEJN Ultra-High Pressure Interchange Couplings
Featured Quick Couplings by Dixon

DF-Series Pneumatic Couplings
D-series automatic couplings by Dixon are known for their reliable and save performance, and have been used in industrial coupling applications for over 50 years. When you need to automatically connect a pressurized air line with one-hand – the Dixon DF-series couplings are the way to go!

AG-Series Hydraulic Couplings
Manufactured with solid steel bar stock, the AG Series Hydraulic Couplings are optimized to resist deformation and lengthen service life for agricultural applications.

E-Series Straight-Through Interchange Quick Coupling
The e-series is another popular quick coupling that’s been designed with a smooth bore and full-flow design to offer maximum flow without excessive pressure drop. We frequently recommend E-series quick couplings for applications such as pressure washing, steam cleaning, and coolant lines due to the series’ corrosion resistant components.

Faster Inc
Over 500,000,000 Quick-Release Couplings Designed To-Date!

When it comes to couplings by Faster, Inc - innovation is key to their continued success. With over 60 years of experience in the hydraulic industry, Faster has designed hundreds of millions of quick release couplings for medium to high-pressure applications.

Some of the Quick Disconnect Coupling Products We Provide from Faster Include:

Standard Quick Disconnect Couplings
The standard series of quick disconnect couplings are one of the most commonly used couplings, and are designed to meet the needs of an extremely wide range of applications, while conforming to ISO 7241 A and B standards.

Screw Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
When you have applications that involve high pressure, flow peaks, and the chance for connection/disconnection under pressure – a screw series quick disconnect coupling provides a more appropriate contact surface and greater resistance to pressure peaks, vibration, and bending.

Flat-Face Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
Flat-face series are designed for applications where safety (or environmental regulations) require zero oil leakage of oil during operation, connection, and disconnection. This makes couplings easy to clean, and an ideal solution for dirty, dusty, or gritty environments. Fasters flat-face series quick disconnect couplings also conform to ISO 16028 and HTMA standards.

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