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Fire Hoses

A Leading Distributor of Fire Hose

For years, R & A Industries has been a proud firehose supplier. In that time, we’ve also had ample time to develop an unbeatable expertise when it comes to suggesting the best possible product for your needs.

A diverse range of businesses and industries across the country require the use of fire hoses. For all of them, R & A provides same-day shipping for a product line that delivers both quality and economy. With products designed for applications ranging from municipal and industrial use, to mining and agriculture – if you need fire hose, our large stock of Key fire hose products can help.

What to Look for in a Fire-Hose

Jacket construction: Jackets will be woven evenly and be free of defects, including knots, lumps, or unsightly disfigurations that could jeopardize the integrity of the hose assembly

Abrasion impregnation: Hose assemblies are available with polymer impregnation that provide additional abrasion resistance; and meet the requirements of Mil-H-24606B for abrasion resistance.

Lining: The rubber lining shall be a single-ply extruded tube of synthetic rubber compounded to resist ozone. The finished form shall be free of pits or other imperfections and have a smooth finish.

Fire Hoses
Fire Hose Services

Why We Recommend Key Fire Hose Products Firehoses for Fire Fighting, Industrial, Marine, Mining, Forestry, and Beyond

When customers require fire hoses designed for quality, toughness, and durability in the face of applications that require enhanced resistance to abrasion, temperatures, and chemicals – Key fire hoses meet every requirement. Add-in meticulous, homogenous construction and the best warranties in the business, and every customer can be certain they’re making the right investment.

Some of our most popular fire hose products from Key Fire Hose, include…

The full line of Key Hose products includes products that offer both single and double lining, and both polyester, nylon, and rubber jackets to accommodate your application’s needs for durability and flexibility.

Municipal Fire Hose

Municipal attack hoses, supply hoses, and forestry hoses are designed with tough applications in mind and feature a wide variety of liner and jacket properties to offer the performance, flexibility, and durability that you need.

Some of our most popular municipal fire hose products include:

  • Big-10: a Heavy duty, double jacketed rubber lined attack hose
  • Key-Lite: an all polyester double jacketed attack house
  • Combat Ready: the combat ready fire hose is designed for unbeatable kink resistance, high flow rate with low-pressure, high volume nozzles, and superior heat resistance.

Industrial Hose

For businesses in the industrial sector, fire hose is essential. R & A carries an extensive range of high quality mill hoses proven to withstand the rigorous demands of industrial applications. If your application relies on consistent, failure-proof performance – we can help.

  • Mill hose: Heavy walled, with lengths up to 100’ and available in a double-jacket for particularly rugged environments. This heavy-duty lay flat hose is ideal for discharge applications in various environments.
  • Rack Hose: Pin folded to satisfy cabinet standards, this emergency-use hose is designed to be there when you need it, to perform as needed without question (FM approved).
  • Mil-Spec Fire Hose: Mil-spec fire hose from Key Hose has been tested and approved for MIL-H-24606, and is also ZZ-H-451-G compliant.
  • Dura-Flow Hose: a rubber-covered industrial hose that’s lightweight, UL listed, and resistant to abrasion, heat, and chemicals.

Agricultural and Fracking Hoses

Agricultural and fracking applications rely on hoses that can deliver kink-free performance in a constantly changing environment that absolutely requires durability, flexibility, and resistance to the elements. All hoses designed for fracking or agricultural use are also designed to lay-flat, for more convenient use in the field.

  • Super-Flow Hose: designed for hydro fracking applications and processed water/fresh water transfer. Available in lengths to 660 feet and manufactured with an oversized inner-diameter to fit most couplings.
  • Agri-Flex Hose: A hose designed with slurry manure transfer, hydro fracking, and water transfer in-mind, this hose is resistant to ozone and abrasion, while accommodating a high working pressure.
  • Industrial-LDF Hose: large diameter hose for industrial applications, available up to 300 feet.

Forestry Hoses

Forestry hoses depend on superior durability to accommodate rigorous applications in the field. Key Fire hoses designed for forestry applications are kink and abrasion resistant, while also providing light-weight construction when it matters the most.

  • Type-2 Forestry Hose: A light-weight single-jacket hose designed for ease-of-deployment and durability. 5100-187c Type 2 compliant, USDA tested and approved
  • Reel-Lite Forestry Hose: A multi-purpose hose designed for use in 12” drum reels and skid unites

Mining Hoses

When underground mining applications call for single and double jacketed fire hose that offers superior resistance to abrasion, the elements, and flame – our inventory and experience can help. Key hoses provide both 600 pound and 800 pound tested heavy duty, lightweight hose – designed specifically for the mining industry.

  • Flame Out Hose: Our most highly recommended mining hose tends to be the MSHA approved Flame Out hose, which offers durability, high-performance, and superior ease of use for mining applications.
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